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Author: Kim Quiros-Elias

Foster Consent

Discovering healing and self-identity through consent Blog Interview Series By RHEP Youth Advisory Board Member Tamar Adolescence is tough for anyone. For those who have suffered abuse, there are even

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Self-Taught Episode 1

Nobody Taught Me About Sexual And Reproductive Health​. In this episode, we discuss “the talk,” puberty, birth control, and finding the right doctor while growing up in foster care.

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Self Taught: Former Foster Youth on Sex, Health, and Life. Welcome to Self-Taught, a podcast from foster youth, for foster youth, with unfiltered conversations about sex, health and life. These are conversations about puberty, relationships, sexual health, identity and much more that we wish were part of our upbringing. There aren’t always people to answer the big questions or to make it easy to open up about sensitive stuff. That’s why we’re bringing those conversations to you. Because you’re not alone. We hope these conversations spark questions and provide resources for you, to find answers, feel empowered, and have community.

Self-Taught is hosted by the youth advisory board of the Reproductive Health Equity Project at the National Center for Youth Law.

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RHEP 2023 Conference

#RHEPCON23 is on February 16, 2023. We will bring together an interdisciplinary community to share research, advocacy strategies, tools, stories, arts, and best practices designed to support the healthy sexual development of youth in foster care. Sexual and reproductive health intersects with and influences all aspects of the life of a young person in foster care, including their overall social-emotional wellbeing. No matter what sector you come from – education, workforce, housing, child welfare, health, or advocacy – knowing how to normalize and support the healthy sexual development of young people is an essential aspect of supporting them.

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Fostering Parenthood Episode 7

“The Talk” To wrap up season 1 of Fostering Parenthood, Dorothy has ‘the sex talk’ with her son Brandyn. The first time they talk about sexual reproductive health together is on the show!

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Fostering Parenthood Episode 6

Wait, Foster Youth have a Bill of Rights? In this episode, our guest explains the Bill of Rights and provide tips on how to make sure caregivers respect the rights of foster youth.

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Fostering Parenthood Episode 4

So, there’s someone you like?: How to discuss healthy relationships with your youth. In this episode, we discuss relationship experiences and how caregivers could help youth navigate relationships.

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Fostering Parenthood Episode 3

Trauma, Triggers And Trying: Trauma-Informed Parenting. In this episode, Dr. Dorit provides helpful insight and tips on how to help your foster youth cope with trauma.

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Fostering Parenthood Episode 2

What do those acronyms mean? How to support LGBTQ+ foster youth? In this episode, we discuss how to navigate conversations around sexual orientation and gender identity.

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