LA RHEP’s Summer 2020 Learning Series 

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things for all of us.  We are separated from many of the important relationships and people in our lives, and at the same time, intensely interacting with a few. Too many are facing acute and ongoing housing, health and economic concerns. And many services and supports are now virtual and may continue that way for the indefinite future. We know these changes are particularly hard for youth.

But how are these changes impacting youth in foster care?  How do youth in foster care feel about using telemedicine? What are their most pressing health care concerns? How are their social, emotional, and relational needs being met? What are parenting youth in foster care dealing with right now and worried about moving forward? What advice do youth have for their caregivers, health providers, and for each other about how to move forward and meet this head-on?

Over the course of four webinars this summer, current, and former foster youth will share their experiences, priority concerns, and advice on these topics. Each webinar will also include feedback, responses, and advice from caregivers, health providers, and other experts and an opportunity for you to submit questions to and engage with the speakers themselves. Each webinar is being designed or facilitated by the Youth Advisory Board of the Los Angeles Reproductive Health Equity Project for Foster Youth (LA RHEP).  We welcome you to register for one or all in the series








Webinar 3: Parenting Youth Speak: How we are experiencing COVID 19 and ways to support us

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