Evaluating a Sexual & Reproductive Health Training for Healthcare Providers Working with Youth in LA County Foster Care

Thursday, Sep 25th, 2019 10:00 AM

Join LA RHEP for the next webinar in our Learning Series. In this webinar, we will describe the gaps in provider knowledge our team uncovered and the training that was developed to address this need. You will hear from youth, health practitioners and other professionals who participated in its development. The webinar will describe the before and after impact of the training on provider knowledge, behavior and attitudes after its delivery to a cohort of health providers in LA County and will conclude with a discussion of how these learnings will be used moving forward.

New Tools Available for "Askable Adults" to Have Age-Appropriate, Medically Accurate Sexual Health Conversations with Youth in Foster Care

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We bring together foster youth and the agencies that serve them to promote evidence-informed strategies that reduce unplanned pregnancies and dismantle systemic barriers to sexual and reproductive health education and service access for foster youth.