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Episode 4: What foster youth need to know about prenatal care

Featuring Phillisha, Cody, and Sarah Ferguson

What should foster youth expect from pregnancy and prenatal care? Kat, Cody, Phillisha and Sarah talk about getting the care you need leading up to birth, which is known as prenatal care. They dive into getting the support you need from the medical system, building your own support system, and exploring the parts of pregnancy or starting a family that people who have been in foster care might experience differently. Plus, they share helpful pre and post-natal resources that helped them and could help you, too.

Content Advisory: The stories we are sharing sometimes touch on different kinds of trauma, please take care of yourself while you listen.

Episode 4 Extra: Caring for yourself with a newborn

Featuring Phillisha, Cody, and Sarah Ferguson

Kat, Phillisha, Cody, and Sarah share stories and tips about the ups and downs they faced when accessing prenatal care (medical care for someone who is pregnant or planning to become pregnant). The team talks about little-discussed topics— like caring for yourself after the baby is born and struggling with postpartum depression as a young parent. We created this bonus episode just for you and all the expectant and parenting youth in need of relatable, informative insight. 

Content Advisory: The stories we are sharing sometimes touch on different kinds of trauma, please take care of yourself while you listen.

Tamar (she/her) is a RHEP Youth Advisory Board Member

Phillisha (she/her) is a RHEP Youth Advisory Board member


Cody (she/her) is a RHEP Youth Advisory Board member


Sarah Ferguson (she/they) is from Birthing The Block.

Self-Taught is produced in California. If laws, policies and programs are discussed in an episode, these may be specific to California. Listeners from other locations should check out their own state’s or country’s laws and programs – and if you need help finding your state’s laws, reach out to us at

Episode Resources

Planned Parenthood
  • Planned Parenthood: a trusted healthcare provider whose mission is to ensure all people have access to the care and resources they need to make informed decisions about their bodies, their lives, and their futures

  • Black Infant Health: an organization that empowers pregnant and mothering Black women using an evidence-informed group-based approach, where participants get to meet, interact and build a sisterhood with other Black women.

  • Birthworkers of Color Collective: an organization that connects pregnant/birthing and postpartum individuals, their families, and larger communities with educational, emotional, and physical support through all pregnancy & postpartum outcomes
  • Frontline Doulas: a health program providing Black families with Black doulas at no cost

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